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Series2 Office Furniture
techline - Functional. By design.
Series2 Office Furniture
Welcome to Techline Raleigh-Durham, Incorporated, the
Southeast dealer for the Techline Brand of Modular Office
Furniture, Medical Cabinetry and Systems Furniture.

Techline components can be used to create your individual
space... from the smallest home office to the elaborate
executive office, Techline is the perfect fit for your needs.

Looking for Ergonomic Accessories for your home or
business office? Look no further! From articulating
keyboard mechanisms to task lighting, foot rests to monitor
lifts - Techline Raleigh-Durham has you covered. Avoid
Workman's Compensation claims and agonizing pain with
the use of proper ergonomic accessories!
Techline Raleigh-Durham is available for design consultations
Monday through Saturday and will make every effort to meet your
scheduling needs. We charge a small site visit fee based on location
that is credited from your total order. This fee is waived for
State Contract clients.

Techline Raleigh-Durham is a member of several area
Chambers of Commerce as well as a member of the
Carolinas Association of General Contractors.
We accept Discover, Visa and Mastercard as well as purchase
orders with credit approval.
Call us today to start designing Your Space, Your Way!
Mastercard and Visa Accepted
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